Extra Haul

Count Disposal Trucks 

Garbage Removal

All trash must be placed in a County Disposal wheeled trash toter with lid closed ONLY, unless a request is made 24 hours prior to scheduled pick-up to ensure service is provided. Additional toter can be added for a nominal fee for weight.

**Ensure the lid is closed, to keep water out**

(To ensure the lowest rate possible for our customers)




Pickup Times

  Our crews begin their routes at 6:00am Monday through Friday. We do try to maintain the same scheduled service days unless otherwise noted. It is difficult to duplicate pickup times due to variables and uncontrollable circumstances that we may encounter day to day. To help ensure pickup, please have your trash staged and ready for pickup by 6:00am.


We are unable to return to your home for missed service without an additional fee. Please call office for more information.

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